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You Can Have All the Avocado Toast You Want and Still Hit Your Financial Goals

You often hear that millennials can’t afford real estate because of all the avocado toast they eat. I’m here to tell you to eat all the avocado toast you want!

Why I Started Money Sensei

Why create Money Sensei? Find out my story on why I want to empower people, give them confidence over their finances, and to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Best High-Yield Savings Accounts in the U.S. of 2019

Whatever your financial goals are, having the right high-yield savings accounts can help you get there. Here are my top high-yield savings accounts in the U.S. of 2019.

How to Write a Book

Writing a book can be a great way to make passive income but how do you get started?

Top 10 Personal Finance Tips That Everyone Needs to Know

Millennials are the most educated generation but also face the highest levels of student debt, poverty, and unemployment, out of the two immediate predecessor generations (Gen Xers and Boomers) had at the same stage of their...
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My book, Kicking Financial Ass, shares the best personal finance information on the market with easy-to-follow, actionable advice. The lifestyle to be happier, save more, and invest more has changed my life, and I hope it does the same for you.

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