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4 Financial Benefits of Attending Community College

A post-secondary education is now the second-largest expense a person will make in their lifetime – second only to buying a home. Find out how to graduate debt-free and save with the 2+2 method.

How to Pandemic Proof Your Finances

A pandemic like COVID-19 comes hard and it comes fast devastating people's finances. Here's how to pandemic proof it.

What To Do Financially During a Pandemic

A pandemic is hardly ever planned for and as we are quickly finding out it’s as if a nuclear bomb went off on our finances. Here's what you should do.

What To Do During A Market Crash

During a market crash, the fear that things will continue to spiral downward out of control and wipe out your savings is real. But what should you do?

How to Easily Save $500 a Month Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Saving money doesn’t have to hurt. You can live the same lifestyle and easily save at least $100 a month, and I will argue, save $500 or more without making major changes to the way you...
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